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Why buy IPv4 addresses through a specialized broker?

Is your business currently looking to purchase IPv4 addresses? Chances are you have been looking for a while without success. The market is tight and buyers greatly outnumber the sellers. Since the RIPE NCC in 2019 declared to have issued the very last of its unique IPv4 addresses, the trade in the 32-bit address space exploded. As with any commodity, a specialized branch of IP brokers emerged to guide and support buyers and sellers alike in their search for successful trade. 

Whether or not you have partnered up with a broker before, in this market such a partnership is of great added value. Not only do you get access to otherwise inaccessible networks, you can also rely on guidance and assistance in the administrative side of the trade. 

The right IP broker 

Not all brokers are qualified to trade to the same extent. Brokers such as Prefix Broker, however, are part of a select group of RIPE NCC brokers that have been involved with the infrastructure of the current RIPE NCC trading network. They adhere to the regulations to the letter and know every detail of every process involved in the transfer of IPv4 addresses. 

To buy IP address through a qualified and specialized broker therefore means to rely on great expertise and insight knowledge. An IP broker such as Prefix Broker is able to provide the best offers for the purchase of your IPv4 address block, guidance during negotiations on timing, price, governing law and currencies and assistance in obtaining approval for transfers by the RIR.

Your partner in buying IP4V addresses 

Are you currently looking to purchase an IPv4 address block in a safe and swift manner? Prefix Broker is able to entirely unburden you during this complex process. From providing you with the best offers to advising you on negotiations and governing law – you will be supported in any way possible. 

With deep-rooted knowledge of the market and an exceptionally extensive network of parties qualified to trade, Prefix broker is your partner in purchasing IPv4 addresses on a short notice.